Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Books of January

New Testament
I had a wonderful experience reading this in a day for the first time in my life. I blogged about the experience here

Fasting – Jentezen Franklin
This book had some great thoughts and was written to be motivational in nature. I had a hard time connecting with the authors style of writing.

Fasting – Scot Mckinght 
This book blew me away. A ton of fresh insights into fasting that I have never seen taught with balance, biblical and historical basis and in a humble manner. Very enjoyable and helpful for me personally.

The Truth About Leadership – Kouzes, Posner 
When it comes to leadership these guys stand out. I have read hundreds of leadership books and these guys books are easily among the top 10. Although they are Christians, the books are written for the business world from a vantage point that would be beneficial leadership material for Christian and non-Christian alike.

For Men Only – Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn  
I love working on my marriage and reading marriage books. Although it's not always easy...this book addressed a few areas that I can certainly get better and helped me better understand my amazing wife.

10-10-10  - Suzy Welch 
I was pretty excited to read this book as I had heard a presentation by Mrs. Welch that was fantastic on the same subject. Maybe my expectations were too high but the book fell a but flat for me. It seemed like another "self-help" book among hundreds with nothing much new to say. I love the concept of 10-10-10 but felt it could have been presented better.
Here's the big idea: In every decision you make...ask yourself, what will the consequences be in the next 10 minutes, 10 months and ten years. Great idea.

A Day with a Perfect Stranger - David Gregory
I really enjoy and appreciate this guys writing. This book is a very worthwhile read for anyone. A fictional story that packs in the truth well. His other two books are great too.

Transformational Church – Ed Stetzer, Thom Rainer
Amazing material on the church, some of the best I have ever seen. It is a bit boggy of a book but very much worthwhile for anyone interested in healthy and strong churches.

Leading Change – John Kotter  
This is a leadership classic for good reason. Every time I read Kotter I feel overwhelmed and like a lousy leader. He points out so many great principles of leadership that are so lacking in church and business today. Phenomenal.

The Personal Narrative of Jonathan Edwards and His Seventy Resolutions – Jonathon Edwards 
Anything by Edwards that I have seen so far has been great. I am struck by his incredible brilliance and yet his sincere hunger for the presence of God. He is a man who was able to marry logic, truth, thought and smarts with passion, encounters with God and personal experience. I believe this is one of the things that made his life and ministry so powerful.