Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Difference Between Believing and Knowing

I grew up having a fairly strong belief in God. Not that I didn't have doubts at times, but I generally knew what I believed and why. But at a pivotal point in my life that all changed. I learned that Jesus did not only invite me to "believe in Him" in the sense that I intellectually acknowledged His reality, but that He was inviting me to "believe in Him" in the sense that I was trusting Him, placing my life in His hands and engaging in a satisfying and adventurous relationship with Him. The invitation of the Bible is not to adhere to a set of beliefs written on paper; it is the invitation of your Creator, your truest Father to a relationship with Him that explodes your soul (in a good way :)).
There is one way that this relationship is established, through Jesus Christ.
There is one way that it is grown, through a diligent search.
This alone is the happiest and most worthwhile pursuit of your life.
Knowing God.