Saturday, June 16, 2012

Good Friends Strengthen Us

How many times have I written about this?
I am overwhelmed but the stunning truth of this every time it happens.
Recently some friends from Texas was driving through Moose Jaw and stopped to visit.
We were as exhausted as we have been in a long time with normal business, a huge task we decided to take on as a family and a few crisis' that demanded attention. I am sure our friends were also tired with the long drive that they were engaged in. Yet for a couple hours when we got together it seemed as if the burden lifted... joy filled our hearts, laughter, sharing, caring about difficulties, encouragement in our Christian walk. When our friends departed and went on their way, we still had our busy lives and a few crisis to contend with but we had renewed strength to engage in it.

Thanks to God and to all great friends for this great gift.

"...friendship refreshes the soul." Prov 27:9