Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lessons From My Father

A few things I learned from my Father:

1. Enjoy learning. My dad is now over 70. He is still learning and delights in sharing the things he is learning. Learning is one of the great joys of life and those who engage in it stay sharp are are more fully alive.

2. Get wisdom. My dad pursued wisdom not just as information but as life application. There are so many principles which are valuable IF they are actually followed and lived.

3. Delight in people. My dad loved us and others a lot. He took great pleasure in little things about us and other friends and family members. To this day he loves to share about one of his grand kids accomplishments or some funny story or experience he has had with someone else.

4. Be generous. My dad has worked hard his whole life so that he could be generous. Generous with time, advice, help and finances. His generosity is not frivolous or reckless, it is strategic.

5. Don't waste. Maybe because I was a kid and had to learn not to leave the lights on or to put on lots of extra clothes rather than turn the heat up. Waste really upset my dad. Don't do it. :)

6. Add value. My dad is brilliant. He has amazing skills in certain areas. But there is a lot my dad can't or doesn't do. He seems to love to add value where he can and how he can in each relationship and situation he is in.

7. Enjoy life and humour. My dad enjoys the good things that life offers. Good friends, good sports, good food, nature, science, humour...whatever.

8. Follow Christ. My dad became a serious follower of Christ in university. He didn't turn around and become a missionary. Instead, he found ways to honour and serve God through his career, through his marriage and raising his kids and through serving in his church. All of his children are serving God and doing their best to fulfill their calling in Christ in their families, careers and churches. I believe hundreds of thousands of people have benefited and will benefit simply because my father followed Christ with his life.