Thursday, September 6, 2012

Noise and It's Damage To Soulful Living

We live in a world that is addicted to noise. We constantly have the radio on, the TV on, the iPod on or whatever. Maybe the worst form of noise is busyness. Keeping activity going whether it is chores, work, entertainment or whatever.

What happens when we get quiet?

We hear a rumbling from some other place. We hear sounds that are beyond the physical world around us. We sense there is far more than what we see and hear right now. When we stay noisy and busy we think that all there is in this world is what is taking our immediate attention. We live in a small world and become ignorant of all the vastness around us.

Noise blocks out the sounds that we need to hear.

But quietness leads us into the sounds and sights of the soul.

It is possible to live a shallow life. To skim. To only be on the surface. Some people and relationships are like this. There is no soul to them. No depth.

Great music has soul. Great music comes from people who have become quiet and listened. Who have stopped skimming and gone deeper. As a preacher I am aware that the same is true with great sermons.

The meaningful things in life - relationship with God and people - love, care, creativity - they are things that are beyond just the five senses.

Evaluate your life. Have you gotten wrapped up in the noise, chaos and busyness of this world? When and where will you separate yourself and come away from it all so that you can find meaning again?

We are heading into the fall season. Summer is over. What is your strategy to maintain a soulful life in the midst of the busyness?

Then, because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat, he said to them, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” Mark 6:31