Saturday, December 8, 2012

How To Overcome Obstacles and Accomplish Great Things

The following is an excerpt from a time in God's Word I recently had. I invite you to listen in and pray that your journey be furthered by it for God's glory.
Proverbs 24:5,6 “The wise are mightier than the strong, and those with knowledge grow stronger and stronger. So don’t go to war without wise guidance; victory depends on having many advisers.”
I need strength. I need to be mighty against my trials, my sinful-lazy self (temptations) and against my foes. I also need to be mighty in order to accomplish the challenges before me (to raise my family, love my wife, disciple/mentor people, to pastor the church, to win the lost, to change culture, become who God made me to be etc.). Might is what enables me to overcome obstacles and to accomplish vision. How do I get this might? BE WISE. Why does being wise make me mighty? First, because it teaches me to rely on God and fear Him only. Second, it keeps me from proud, arrogant stupidity – making mistakes. Third, because it gives me strategies that take less strength (do more work with less effort when it is done differently – work smarter not harder).
Where do I get this wisdom?
Get knowledge. The only way to GET knowledge is to look outside myself. I can’t gain any new knowledge in my own closed off self. To get knowledge (and therefore “grow stronger and stronger”) I must open myself up to the right sources (Psalm 1 – not in the council of the wicked etc. but in the Word of God – who do I listen to?). I need to read, study and pray in God’s Word – listen to God as my first councillor. Then I need to read and listen to great sages throughout the world and history – good books and courses help me do this. I also need to invite the input of those who know me well and who God has given to me – my wife and kids, my parents, my close friends and mentors. Finally, I need to build my community of people to whom I listen and learn from. Small groups, church people – watching for wisdom wherever I look – in every moment – watching for people who have wisdom in specific areas – watching and learning from creation, from great art, from the needy and handicapped, from children and more.

The key then is having a humble hungry heart to listen and learn.
So don’t confront the obstacles or challenges in my life without getting mighty to conquer them through getting wise guidance. My victory depends on it!

-          If there is an area I am getting my butt kicked in, ask myself...not how can I be stronger...but how can I get input, wisdom, guidance, new knowledge that will give me the advantage I need to be mightier and therefore conquer.
“God, I see my own weakness every day. I am faced with challenges within and without. I am too weak to accomplish all that you have put in my heart (offensive challenges). I get beat up by my flesh, by the problems in my life, church and world (defensive challenges). I see my need for wisdom to exponentially increase my ability to fight and face these challenges victoriously. I want to become mightier, I want to become stronger, I want to get wise guidance and have lots of great advice. Please hear my cry for help. Give me wisdom, give me a hearing ear and give me a humble hungry heart. Grow my knowledge. Speak to me. Open my eyes to understand and be changed by your Word. Give me great advisers through books, courses, parents, wife, kids, friends, small group and more. Give me your Holy Spirit in greater measure to process these things well and make them my own in my heart. You are my God and I need you. By You, may I overcome my obstacles and accomplish mighty deeds for Your glory."