Sunday, February 3, 2013

Love My Team

We just finished "Team Day" as a church. Its one day a year that we get together and envision the future that God is calling us to together.

I am so blown away and thankful for the team that God has called me to serve with. We are so diverse and yet find our unity around our hope in Jesus and our passion for Him. We are very much imperfect and broken but there is a sense of acceptance and grace that I don't know I have experienced quite the same way anywhere else. We are also very much incapable of accomplishing anything close to what we dream about together but that is the most exciting thing about team day...our faith is not in ourselves; It is in the one who alone can save and transform lives - simply Jesus. The crazy thing is that God actually does it and He is continuing to do it. Every day we share new stories of how God is transforming our lives and others lives through this simple group of people who have teamed up to trust simply in Jesus and to follow Him. How cool is it that we get to be His vessels in the world to share His love and to offer His power to change lives.

Of course, the people we spent team day with are only a representative of the whole team as not everyone could be there and God still has many more that He will add to our team over time.

Are you on an imperfect team like this? You need to be. Are you on the outskirts thinking about committing? Have you been on one and dropped out for some reason? Ask God to call you to a team of people that you can serve Christ with, then humbly join that team and offer yourself to them and to God as a vessel for God's purposes. You will be glad you did.

And if you live near Moose Jaw... come check out our team. We'd love to have you. :)