Friday, November 22, 2013

A Powerful and Important Reminder

I received this e-mail from a mentor and friend last week. It hit me pretty hard. How I long for lesson to be lived in my own life and the lives of those I love and serve!

"I read this morn AB Morrison talking about Demas – how he drifted away from Paul, and because he left as a co-worker  his life spiralled and character changed.   This writing reminded me of many guys I know:   

 When the spirit of willing service goes, all the enthusiasms begin to die. Prayer is stinted, criticism enters, churchgoing becomes very intermittent, and slowly the whole character is changed.   Years later in 2 Tim 4:10 . Paul wrote about him. And then the years go by, the bitter dragging years, and once again we have the name of Demas. And with a great ache in his heart, Paul has to write, "Demas hath forsaken me." Idle, not serving as he used to do, no longer forgetting everything in labor, Demas was unequal to the strain. It all began when Demas ceased to serve and, ceasing to serve, also ceased to pray. All he had given up began to claim him then. The old life became intensely vivid. And the tragedy is that, going back to it, it never could content his heart again after the glory that had come—and gone.

 I pray that I will never lose the fire to serve God and be responsive to Him and strive to be qualified for any assignment and call he has for me."