Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Especially When It's Hard

Life tends to go better when we engage in certain behaviors - self-discipline, consideration of others, taking responsibility for my own actions, honesty, and patience.

Each of these attributes of successful living is easy to do at certain times in our lives. But then, there come times in our lives when they are very difficult to do. It's tough to be self-disciplined when our favorite dessert is coming around for seconds and we are not quite full; a lot easier when we aren't keen on that dessert and we are already stuffed. It's tough to consider others when they are being rude to us. It's tough to practice honesty when it means being vulnerable. It's tougher to be patient when I am tired, late for an appointment, and waiting in a long line than it is when I am visiting casually with a friend while I wait.

Every human being stumbles on doing things right occasionally, it's those who learn do them when they are hard that stand out. Doing the right thing when it's easy is a no brainier. The tricky but all important lesson is to do the right thing especially when it's hard.