Friday, July 10, 2009

Who's on First?

Trying to prioritize our lives tends to be one of the most poorly accomplished tasks of modern culture. Most of us will tell you that we want to live according to our priorities but then we go about breaking those commitments all over the place.

What matters most to us? Family, friends, recreation, work, church, God, blogging?
Books and motivational speakers will give us snippets on how to prioritize our lives. Most of these focus on how much time we spend with each item. (If time is the measuring stick, I prioritize sleep over everything else in my life...hands down!) Some of them focus on how much energy or money we spend on each. Less often we will hear advice about rearranging our schedules with planners or other tools.

My advice? Check your heart. Rearrange your heart. You will actually prioritize whatever is REALLY your priority. Your life is revealing your heart's priorities, what story is it telling? Don't rearrange your daytimer, your wallet, your schedule, or your list. Rearrange your heart.