Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Religious Pluralism, Dr. John Stott, Coffee Cream, and Jesus

Dr. John Stott is one of my heroes. He has lived a full life as a preacher of the gospel. His writing and preaching are second to none I have read or heard. His clarity and ability to choose the right words amaze me. I poured cream in his coffee one time (my claim to fame). I recently read this quote from him in regards to pluralism (many religions are all basically the same) and thought it might be worth sharing here:

"The reason we must reject this increasingly popular position, of Pluralism, is that we are committed to the uniqueness of Jesus (he has no competitors) and his finality (he has no successors). It is not the uniqueness of "Christianity" as a system that we defend, but the uniqueness of Christ. Jesus is unique in His incarnation: in His atonement (dying once for all for our sins); in his resurrection (breaking the power of death); and in his gift of the Spirit (to indwell and transform us).

So, because in no other person but Jesus of Nazareth did God first become human (in his birth), then bear our sins (in his death), then conquer death (in his resurrection) and then enter his people (by his Spirit), he is uniquely able to save sinners. Nobody else has his qualifications."

If you find that a little too complicated, here is another way of saying it:
“Dear JESUS, I have a problem...It’s me”
“Dear child, I have the answer.....It’s ME”