Thursday, February 4, 2010

Who Made A Difference?

One excercise that really helped me one day was to ask who were the biggest difference-makers in my life. I made a list and then looked for common traits. You should try it; it sure makes you thankful for the people who have helped you in life.

One discovery that revolutionized my thinking while I was doing this was that my life has been far more impacted by people and WHO they were than it has been impacted by events.

Let me say it another way. Who I become is more important than what I do. The influence I have on my children will be determined more by WHO I am than it will be by what I do. This is because of several reasons:
1. Who I am influences my actions more than any other factor.
2. Who I am radiates and touches the hearts of the people around me.
3. I am sure there are other reasons I am not thinking of right now.