Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What Keeps You Away?

What keeps Moose Javians away from church?

a. Negative past experiences? (With church itself, with church goers, or with an on-TV connection?)

b. Belief that it would be a waste of time and irrelevant to their lives?

c. Belief that though it is good and important, it is also painstakingly boring?

d. Too many other competing things to do (busyness, movies, friends, jobs, TV, etc.)

e. It just never crossed their minds...they never really thought much about it?

f. All of the above.

My guess?
70% e.
25% d.
and 5% of a. b. and c.

Statisticians tell us that 88% of people say they would come to church if invited by a friend.
What about you?