Monday, April 12, 2010


Some time ago I had the opportunity of taking an 86 year old man for lunch. He was passionately teaching me about church growth and effective ministry. He answered question after question for two hours until he was too tired to continue. His ideas and answers were awesome (though sometimes disturbing and not what I wanted to hear). But what impacted me the most was the fact that he was will to meet with me and help as much as he possibly could for nothing. He could have been enjoying the beach somewhere or touring some nice country. But he was giving his all to help further God's kingdom and invest in people. Here he was, flying around the world, meeting with young pastors, helping them be more effective. A few weeks after we met I was contacting him by e-mail to see if he could come to Moose Jaw and train our church, we were working out the details via e-mail when I got a phone call from a pastor friend. "Jack Whitesell died yesterday." Wow, what a thought. I am so glad to have met the man, to have seen his legacy in action. A man who gave every last drop of his life to further the kingdom of God. Who he was impacted me far more than what he said. I think this is true for all of us in all our encounters and relationships. If you are a parent...who you are will impact your children far more than what you tell them. Legacy.