Saturday, April 10, 2010

If I Should Wake Before I Die

I go through life aware that Something Greater than me is taking place around me. But my awareness of this Something Greater is clouded by activities, 'to do' lists, TV, relationships, desires, plans, distractions. Then there are moments that the Sun breaks through the clouds. There are moments I come alive to the Greater Reality. Moments I see clearly. My heart soars and my minds reels at the awesome power, the amazing grace and the limitless love of the One who made me for Himself. O, to be more awake. At one point in my life I thought that the way to stay awake was to leave the clouds behind. To become a monk in a sanctuary somewhere in nature, free from life's distractions. What I am seeing more clearly now is that God is in the clouds. That if I have eyes to see, He is there in the activities, 'to do' lists, TV, relationships, desires, plans, and so called "distractions". Today I have plans...plans to drive to Regina, to spend time with my family, to get some chores done, to work on my taxes, to send some e-mails and work on some blogs, to take my son to an event in Caronport, to pick up my daughter from her sleepover, to get the oil changed, to discuss some sensitive issues with friends...and that's just getting started. I will also need to eat, clean, pass slow drivers and pull into the slow lane for fast ones and many more things. I plan to do it all with as much awareness of the One thing, or rather one Person, as I possibly can. I want to be awake.