Friday, April 23, 2010

A Lot More Life Ahead

I recently read a book about elderly people who have chosen to live out their senior years with purpose and passion. I was struck with the incredible amount of accomplishment can take place after the age of 65. Many of these folks are teaching, leading, managing, mentoring, writing, creating and so much more. They have chosen the path of continual renewal. I guess what amazed me was that I normally only think a few years ahead. What if I live another 40 years? That's a long time to be useful at something. What should I be learning now, doing now and practicing now so that I will be most fruitful then?
It makes me want to learn another language, take another degree, study and memorize the Bible more and discipline myself more rigorously. I know my life might be very short but I want to live it as though it will be very long...just in case.