Friday, February 11, 2011

Books of January

Well, here they are...for some reason I always find it harder to be disciplined in my reading in January and February. Maybe it's the season...maybe something else. Some great stuff here though, glad I read it...

Governance and Ministry - Hotchkiss
This book was required reading for a course I took. One of the advantages of taking classes is you read stuff you wouldn't regularly read. Glad to have read this and feel it will help me serve better on the boards I am on.

The imperfect Board Member - Jim Brown
This is a fun and great read. Definitely good for anyone serving on a board. How could someone possibly make a fun book about boards? It has been done! A fictional story with a lesson...and it even has a pastor in it!

Leadershift - Don Cousins
This book really rocked my world. I struggled with it all the way through. Many things I am not sure I agreed with and many things I know I don't do well. It is a paradigm challenging book. I needed it and I still need it. Changing the way I think is tough but necessary if I want to move forward. We sell this book at our church office for only $10 (over 40% off) so if you want a copy, let me know.

Hungry for God - John Piper
I LOVE PIPER BOOKS! WOW! I got so fired up reading this. The best book on fasting I have ever read. So good. Some tough parts theologically that might be worth skimming over for most readers but still one of the best books of the year and will still be come December 2011.

Learning to Soar - Avery Wallis, Matt Willis
This is a great book. Very neat. Written by a grandpa and grandson together about how God works in our lives and how to co-operate with Him. Very well done.

Built to Last - James Collins & Jerry Porras
This book is a classic in the business world. The concepts in this book are now some of the hottest and most commonly touted theories of leadership out there. Definitely some very helpful and great stuff.

Go team - Ken Blanchard
Ken Blanchard is a neat guy. One of the most well read leadership guru's in the secular world and now has become a Christian. This is not his best book but it does very simply lay out how to empower people so that they do real work that they are passionate about. A quick read of this book would help anyone in leadership.

How Successful People Think - John Maxwell
This is awesome material presented in a short book.

Equipping 101 - John Maxwell
My thoughts on this book are the same as on the last one. I don't read Maxwell that often but every time I do I think, 'man, I should read everything this guy writes.'