Saturday, May 21, 2011

If the World Does Not End Today...

I know the world will end one day. My life in this body will end too. Until then, I would like to try to live every day as if it were my last. I feel like a hypocrite saying that since I do it so poorly, but it is genuinely my desire. One of the leaders I have tremendous respect for is a man named Henry Schorr. My understanding is that he had cancer twice and both times was told it was terminal. Through these experiences he began to see each day as a gift and learned to live each day as if it was his last. His influence has extended to thousands of lives not because he is an amazingly wonderful or powerful person, but because he has simply and lovingly attempted to live each day well. I think the greatest contribution he has made has been to love his neighbours, friends and family - personally doing what he can to point them to his life's greatest joy - Jesus.

If the world doesn't end today. I hope you come to church tomorrow and see some youth preform an awesome dance or two. I hope you come and worship the King and meet Him in a way that changes your life. I hope you come and learn from His Word how to practice His presence and live a life saturated with knowing and being known by Him.

If the world does end today. I hope you bought pet rapture insurance. I don't have it yet, so if someone who reads this blog wouldn't mind coming over and feeding my fish that would be great.