Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Books of May part 1

Lots of book in May so I will do them in 2 blogs rather than 1. 
How to preach without notes - Charles Koller
This was an awesome book. Way better than the one I read last month by the same title. It is well worth reading for anyone who wants to be a preacher of God's Word. Not the best book on preaching I have ever read but definately a good one. (If you are looking for books on preaching I hgihly reccommend "Between Two Worlds" by John Stott and "Biblical Preaching" by Haddon Robinson.

The Element - Sir Ken Robinson
Some very cool ideas and thoughts but generally not worth the time and energy necessary to read it.  Could have been a 100 page book. Lots of nice self-help material, much of it true and helpful.

Seismic Shifts - Kevin Harney                                                                                                           
Great stuff. We all need this, I would love to hear a series preached on this topic. Awesome thoughts on life with God regarding money, faith, health, joy and making a difference. Definitely a book I recommend. Would be amazing for a new Christian to read.

Poke the box - Seth Godin                                                                                                                
A fun read. This guy is so creative and different. He makes you re-think assumptions and pushes your boundaries in creativity. 

On Being A Pastor - Alister Begg; Derek Prime
I found this book helpful and refreshing. Great to read from people who have wrestled with ministry and shared some of their frustrations, victories and wisdom. A but old school and boring but sometimes that's where the real wisdom is.

The Passionate Life - Mike Breen
I listened to this on cd. I would love to read it now. It seems like it would be awesome material for discipling someone or for going over my life afresh and getting new insights and wisdom. Definitely a great book.