Friday, June 10, 2011

Books of May part 2

God is closer than you think - John Ortberg
This is one of my favorite book on one of my favorite topics (Practicing God's presence). I love John Ortberg, I read everything he writes and have read this book a few times.

Leadership is dead and how influence in reviving it - Jeremie Kubicek
This is a really good leadership book. It addresses one of the toughest areas of leadership and that is how to draw the line between influence and manipulation. How do we genuinely lead selflessly and generously? We desperately need leaders who are like this. This (or a book like it that addresses these topics) should be required reading for anyone in leadership schooling. Another book along the same lines of topic that I think is even more powerful is "A Tale of Three Kings" by Gene Edwards (Happens to be our book of the month at VCMJ)

The Practice of the Presence of God - Frank Laubach and Brother Lawrence
 This is my favorite book of all time other than the Bible. I will read it again and again, draw close to my Savior. It describes what I live for, intimacy with God every moment of every day. 

The Pursuit of God  - AW Tozer
 This is also one of my favorite books and really could take the place of the one above as my favorite book of all time. It describes the same topic from a different angle. This book has been the most life changing book in many of the great leaders lives of our generation. I have read it many times and want to read it again. I was tempted while reading it this time to stop all other reading and to just read this book and the Bible for one year.

Who moved my cheese - Dr. Spencer Johnson
This is a fun read about change. Your cheese will move and what you do about it will make a big difference. It is easy to read and worth while. Especially if you have a change going on in your life right now.

Love Wins - Rob Bell (Skimread)
Oh man. The most controversial book for evangelicals in a while. I have so many thoughts about this book I can't put them in this blog. I will say I sure don't agree with him on most of the issues he brings up.  But hey, I am not always right and there are smarter people than me in this world so, even though Rob Bell is a heretic and should be in Gahenna (sp?), he still is a great communicator and sure knows how to stir the pot!

Counterfeit gods - Tim Keller                                                                                                
 I loved this book. It forced me to do soul searching in areas I never would have addressed without reading it. Great stuff, this guy is awesome. I thank God for Tim Keller and believe he is a gift to the body of Christ for this generation. I think his writing will last a long time, definitely a contrast with so much of the pop culture Christian writing out right now that won't last more than a few months.