Thursday, July 7, 2011

Books of June

Chazown - Craig Groeschel
This book was awesome. Maybe the best life "visioning" book I have read.

Living Life At the Top - Basil Tryon
Encouragement to live life at a higher level. Not always put the way I would say it but it's good for me to be stretched by others sometimes.
TrueFaced - Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol, John Lynch
Very convicting and challenging book. 

Weird - Craig Groeschel
A powerful book that should be read by every young adult. Great stuff.

The Irresistible church - Wayne Cordeiro
This was a very good book with many nuggets of gold. Cordeiro is one of my favorite authors and pastors in the world. I still think his book, "Doing Church as a Team" was even better than this one. 

Chasing Skinny Rabbits - John Trent
A book that tries to address our tendency to waste our lives on things that don't matter. Not bad, but I think it would have been an article instead of a book.
The Purpose Driven Church - Rick Warren
This is a classic. So much wisdom and insight. If I could implement a fraction of this books advice I would see twice the results I am seeing now.

Finding God - Larry Crabb
This is also a classic. A very powerful guide to those who are wrestling with life. Maybe one of the best books to suggest to a friend to read. A slightly hard read but very much worth it!
 Praying the Psalms - Walter Buggeman
This guy writes so academically it is comical. Yet, the principles and truths which he shares are awesome. If I could get someone to re-write this in plain English I would  love this book! Several nuggets of truth on Psalms that I have seen no where else and that really helped me get a better hold on how God could use the Psalms in my own life and in others.