Friday, November 4, 2011

Books of Last Month

Some awesome books and some not so awesome books. A couple of highly recommended reads! I really didn't think I would read 10 books this month since hockey season has started my reading has struggled. Go flames go! :) 
I put in bold the ones I reccomend.

God in the market place - Henry and Richard Blackaby 
I got this book because I have a passion for marketplace ministry and the book was on a great sale. I didn't expect it to be all that great and was I ever surprised. There is a wealth of awesome material in this book put forth honestly, with directness and clear scriptural basis the Blackaby's have done an awesome job of helping executives and others who want to live for God's glory in the business world. Challenged and convicted me a few times!

The way of the heart - Henri Nouwen
This book has had a huge impact on my life. I have read it through several times and each time I think, "I need to read that again and let it feed my soul afresh." Nouwen can read my heart and mind and speaks in a way that allows me to hear the Holy Spirit through his writing. This is a reccomended read for anyone. The writing is slightly tough reading but the book is very short so any adult could really enjoy this book.

Innovation and Creativity in Teams - Charles Prather
Great material for businesses and churches to undertand how to unleash creativity. Although creativity is an art not a science there are very much concrete way to develop it in our lives and our organizations. So much more effectiveness could be realized in our endeavors if we used the creativity God gives us. Great material to help with that.

Doing Action Research in Your Own Organization - David Coghlan & Teresa Brannick
 Wow, I don't know what to say. I had a very hard time reading this book. Not much content that was helpful for me. It is intended for people who are doing an "Action Research" project as part of their Masters or Docterate program. Not excactly exciting reading for me but it was a good stretch.

How To Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnagie 
I read this book with my 13 year old son. Fun to discuss the principles in it. It is the first time I read it and was a bit disappointed since I have heard so much hype about how great it is. That being said, ANYONE and EVERYONE should definately read this book. It has lots of awesome advice on people skills and although the author never really says so, most of it could be taken right from the Bible.

I read this through pretty quick and if I was developing a website I would probably read it a little more thoroughly. Some of it was over my head as I am not familiar with all the terms. Seemed to be great advice though and did give me some ideas I have passed on to our web people.

Execution - The Discipline of Getting Things Done - Larry Bossidy & Ram Charan 
This was an awesome book. One of the top business books I have ever read. Not every chapter applied the same to be but the general concept of the book is amazing! A very practical look as why businesses (and churches) tend to get caught up doing nothing that counts and what to do in order to change that so that the energy we are putting out is acutally getting results. Highly reccomended for business leaders and church leaders who can make the link between business principles and the churches needs.

New Testament
The best book of all time. This time through I was struck again with my love for the shorter epistles. I can read Collosians a hundred times and still be fired up by it.

Summoned To Lead - Leonard Sweet  
I read this Christian leadership book years ago and felt an impression to read it again. It is a wonderful call to leaders to hear what God is saying, to line ourselves up with it and lead from the sounds that God brings into our lives. Great stuff.

Chasing Daylight - Erwin Raphael McManus
Okay, so this book was awesome! It is a bit long and I needed some extra motivation to get through it. It was fun that my wife was reading it at the same time I was so we could chat about our learnings. It is a call to step up and really live, to take risks and not waste our lives. I was blown away! One time while I was reading it at a coffee shop I was so challenged and convicted that I had been living "too safe" tears were streaming down my face, when I noticed I cleaned myself up quickly and glanced around. If anyone saw, they were kind enough not to stare. :)