Monday, November 14, 2011

Kingdom of God Culture

A culture is a "way of doing things around here". Every group has a culture. The Bible declares that the culture of the kingdom of God is opposed to the culture of the kingdoms of this world. Here are a few things about the Kingdom of God culture.

1. It is a culture of honour. We honour one another. We honour authority. We honour our elders. We also honour those under us. We honour one another.

2. It is a culture of generosity. We are more interested in what we can contribute than in what we can consume. We are blessed to be a blessing.

3. It is a culture of sacrifice. We follow the way of our Leader and we serve and sacrifice.

4. It is a culture of love. We love in a supernatural, unconditional way.

5. It is a culture of faith. We have a positive spirit because our God is great and is victorious. We know joy even in setbacks because we know if God has saved us, every setback is temporary. We have faith to move forward and take ground and do great things not just hold on and barely get by.