Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Read The Bible in A Year

One of the most helpful practices I have engaged in as a Christian is Bible reading.

There are tons of ways to read the Bible, but the most helpful way I have ever engaged in it is to simply read the Bible in a year. There are several advantages to this way...

1. Most Christians claim to follow the Bible but have never actually read it through. Reading it would be a good start. :)
2. There are parts of the Bible that are a tough read and that are not as engaging as others. Doing a program like "read the Bible in a year" helps with that struggle.
3. You can do some pretty big stuff by doing a bit of it at a time. (How do you eat an elephant? - although I have never eaten an elephant, I am pretty sure I know how...)

It's fun if you know a few others who are doing the same reading as you. Our church puts out a bookmark to use for this so come pick one up of you are in the area so that we are reading the same stuff together. If your not in our area, try finding a reading program online, there are tons of them.