Monday, December 26, 2011

Shame Off You!

Hey, did you do to church on Christmas day this year?

Some churches didn't hold a service on Sunday, Dec. 25 this year because it was Christmas day. I recently read an article about why we should or should not have a Christmas service on Christmas day if Christmas lands on Sunday. Hundreds of responses flooded in as a response to the article. Some people passionately against churches cancelling the service and being very critical of such a move. Some people equally passionately argued for cancelling the service and came up with some very good reasons for doing so.

What I found interesting was how emotionally charged the issue was since I really don't care a heck of a lot either way. What I do hope is that you encountered Christ this Christmas as I hope you do every day of the year. I hope that rather than criticizing anyone else for what they did, that you enjoyed the love and grace of God and extended that to people around you.

And even if you over ate, under slept, didn't go to church and got envious of someone else's presents...I have no desire to guilt you into anything...may you enjoy your Christmas/New Years Season. May you do what pleases God, not because your guilted into it, but because of the joyful invitation of Christ to forgive and love you and invite you into His service.

Shame off you.