Thursday, January 5, 2012

Clarity: Who Am I?

Who are you? That is the first question people want answered about those who lead and influence them. Do you have clarity on who you are? I recently had the opportunity to taking some time to pray and reflect and ask others in order to sharpen my self-definition. Knowing how God has uniquely wired us and our strengths helps us know how we can be used by God to bless and serve others.

The final product of the time I spent in this is called a Curriculem Vitae. I share mine with you here. As you read it, ask yourself what yours might read like. The greater clarity you develop, easier it will be to joyfully influence others for the glory of God.


I am a man who sincerely attempts to live in a passionate, authentic and growing relationship with Jesus Christ and to help others do the same. I am radically committed to my wife and children, to personal learning and development, to developing leaders, to mentoring and to the local church. I am outgoing and assertive in personality and am gifted in communication, leadership, mentoring and networking.

My Journey and Dream:
My journey to faith in Christ as a teenager has been very formative in the vision and mission for my life. I embraced Jesus as my all when I discovered that enjoying all this world had to offer left me empty and broken.  My life exists to help others find out that this world cannot satisfy and that Christ alone can truly fill us. I feel a special calling and have had the most success in my ministry in serving those who think they “have it all” according to this world but are empty without Christ.

Current Contextual Dream and Learning:
I am currently serving as Lead Pastor at Victory Church in Moose Jaw. My current challenge is in helping our church discover its unique identity and culture and pursue the next phase of the vision that God has for it. My dream for our church is to be a team of people working together to reach our friends, neighbours, co-workers and family for Christ. I am currently learning about the importance of and formation of organizational culture.

Key Insights / Self-Perception :
- My family will always be my first ministry and life priority. I am deeply in love with my wife.
 - I am an avid reader and learner. I have read, on average, over 10 books per month for the last four years and I engage in dozens of learning experiences such as conferences, seminars, courses every year.
- My top three life values in order are; sincerity, passion, learning.
- My top passions are; family, generational ministry, leadership development, evangelism, business leaders, mentoring.

My Life Vision, Mission and Strategy: established in 1996-1998 and has been a guiding beacon for my life since.
My Life Vision: Living for Significance
 In the most fundamental part of my motivations for my life; every decision is motivated by one of these three things. I try to evaluate myself in every choice by the following grid.
Survival - living to get by, to meet my basic needs - live to get
Success - living for power, pleasure, popularity, possessions - live to get
Significance - living for God and others - live to give
God promises that if I live for significance He will take care of my survival and my success (Matt 6:33).
My Life Mission: To invest my life in others.
My Life Strategy: How can I maximize my significance and be a good steward of the life God has given me?

1. Grow (Luke 2:52) - I must grow myself if I am to have anything to offer to others. I evaluate my growth in the following four categories; mentally, relationally, spiritually, physically.
2. Grow others (Matt 28:18-20) - The best thing I can do with my life is invest it in others; my wife and children first and then those whom God brings around me in my life.
3. Grow others who grow others (2 Timothy 2:2) - To maximize this investment I must intentionally invest in others who will invest themselves in people as well thus multiplying the effort.

Spiritual Gifts: Wisdom, teaching, leadership and evangelism.

Strengthsfinder Profile: Woo, Learner, Maximizer, Positivity, and Strategic

Education and Experience:
Victory Bible College
- Certificate in Biblical Studies 1993-1995:
Learning included Biblical knowledge, ministry teaching from seasoned pastoral leaders, and lots of ‘hands on’ practical ministry experience and learning.

Kenya Mission - Summer 1994: I led and preached at dozens of crusades in Kenya, thousands of people responded to invitations to receive Christ, taught at Victory Bible College Kenya and served in Kenyan orphanages.

England Mission - Summer 1995; Mexico Mission - Summer 1996: Developed and led teams of teenagers to do drama, street preaching, and personal ministry around England, Scotland and Wales. Developed and led a team of teenagers to Mexico to serve in an orphanage.

Youth Pastor - Royal Oak Victory Church 1995-1999: Developed a thriving and highly relational youth ministry. Learned to relate to and mentor young people and to work with a great church staff team.

Associate Pastor - Royal Oak Victory Church 1999-2008: Leadership development and coaching, small group ministry, strategic planning, teaching and preaching, discipleship and creative service production.

Lead Pastor - Victory Church Moose Jaw 2008 - Present: Strategic planning and vision casting, board development, staff development and coaching and more.

Briercrest Seminary - Masters in Leadership and Management - 2010- present: Currently engaged in studies.

Other: Guest speaker at camps, conferences, schools and churches.  Teaching at Victory Bible College one course per semester for 12 years (1996-2008). Served on several boards of ministries and churches. Initiated and led several leadership development initiatives, mentoring groups and other ministry endeavours.

“It has been an absolute delight to become more intimately acquainted with Pastor Dan, as I affectionately refer to him.  Indeed that is somewhat descriptive of how I see him. Dan is one of the most insightful, wise, and hungry strategic life learners I have ever met and had the opportunity to teach and connect with. He is gentle, kind, wise, thoughtful, reflective, and above all a strategic learner and adaptive servant of Jesus. He not only loves learning but he also seeks to draw others forward and into learning opportunities and circles. His pastoral heart and high influence capacity makes him so effective at inspiring others to learn. It has been a life treat to cross his path and to be in his circle of learning and influence over the past several years.”
-  Paul Magnus, President Emeritus, Distinguished Professor of Leadership/management, Briercrest Briercrest College and Seminary

 “Dan is the kind of leader that can make a memorable impact in a short period of time. I find that men of character, discipline, and wisdom, tend to have this innate ability. Dan is one of these rare men. It is more than that though. Dan has an ability to make personal connections and it is evident that he is a man of great care who wants to make a big difference in the lives of his family, his friends, his church, and his community.
Dan is also a great translator and communicator, which are hallmarks of great leaders. Dan knows that active listening is perhaps the most important part of communicating. He compliments this skill with his warm personality, kind heart, and calming influence. Perhaps most importantly Dan is truly a “Man after God's heart” who is able to take complex concepts and passages and bring them to life through heartfelt storytelling, analogies, and passionate explanation, in ways that are meaningful to his audience.
Dan has made an impact in my life like few have and it is my honour to know him and call him a friend.”
- Steve Fedorchuk, Regional Vice-President, ATB Financial

“Dan Godard is one of the wisest men I have ever met. He knows God deeply and His relationship with God is balanced and healthy. Dan has a heart for God like David. He inspires people to die to themselves and pursue God with all their heart. He is a man of character and His teaching of the Word is backed by a lifestyle that models it. Dan’s guidance has inspired me to live for what is eternally significant rather than wasting my life pursuing earthly success. I am forever grateful.”
- Richard Mann; Juris Doctor of Law; Bachelor of Theology

 “When I think of someone who is passionate about the the Gospel and the Great Commission, Dan Godard is one of the first people who come to mind.  His dedication to excellence in everything he does, along with a servant heart and willingness to do what God calls him to do, make him a formidable soldier in God's army. Whenever I hear him speak or have a conversation with him, I come away with a greater desire to serve God and grow the Kingdom of God.   Take all this and add his enthusiasm and leadership abilities, and you have the making of a great man of God who is being used greatly to change the world in the name of Jesus Christ.  Looking at all the talent, skill and passion wrapped up in one package, I'm glad he's on our side!”
- Rev. Jeffrey Schneider, B.Ed  M. Div  D.Ad, Teacher, Bearspaw Christian School

“Dan Godard has shown a level of wisdom from a very early age that is rare in young men.  His wisdom combined with very good communication and interpersonal skills are a dearly needed commodity in today’s complex society. I have known Dan for almost 20 years and am always inspired by his faith and his commitment to a Christian principled life.”
- Dr. Brian Rushfeldt, past Dean of VBCI and founding President of Canada Family Action

“Here is how I would describe Dan Godard. He is a man with good character. i.e. does what he says, has integrity, and does his job with spirit of excellence. He puts God first, spouse and family as his priorities. His communication skills are a gift and strength. He is passionate to see the Kingdom advance in the church, the community and in individuals. He puts the development of himself and others as a leader as a high priority and he loves to read.”
- Greg Simpson, President/CEO Simpson Seeds.

“My name is Warren Michelson.  I live with my family in Moose Jaw and am an elected member of the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly. I am pleasure to comment on the personality of Pastor Dan Godard.  Pastor Dan portrays an extraordinary welcoming disposition as a leader of faith and a builder of the faith community.  He possesses a warm passionate nature with guidance and encouragement people around him.  His personality is of knowledge and kindness, one who has a caring attitude of understanding, and is able to communicate the teachings of the Bible as well as being versed on daily topics of interest as one might hear on the radio or read in the local newspaper.  As a believer in my own faith, I do not frequent his services on a regular basis, however the number of occasions that I have been involved with his congregation, one comes to realize the passion he has and the gift of leadership he possesses as a director of faith.  Pastor Dan’s receptive manor makes it easy to discuss many topics of interest or personal concern.  Under his leadership, his community of faith has grown and strengthened.   People look to Pastor Dan for spiritual guidance and direction of daily living challenges in regards to family or social issues. I have come to appreciate the conversations we have had together in a social setting, or listening to his messages of the teachings of Jesus Christ.   Pastor Dan could be considered a friend to all. I am thankful that we have become friends here in Moose Jaw.”
- Warren Michelson, MLA Moose Jaw North