Thursday, October 8, 2009

Survival, success or significance?

Survival, success or significance? This is a question I ask myself regularly to test my heart and motives.

When life gets busy, crazy, overwhelming, difficult and painful, it is easy for me to slip into survival mode. But I was not made to survive. In fact, God encourages us not to spend time and energy worrying about our own survival. "I take care of the birds, won't I take care of you?...What good will all your worrying do?" (Matt. 6)

When I don't keep a close check on my heart, it can also slip easily over into success mode. Trying to get better and bigger for myself is the unashamed motive of this world. Power, pleasure, possessions, prestige and popularity are the motives of most of the activity in our country.

Jesus invited us to a radically different way. He declared that it was better to give than to receive (and He actually meant it!). He invited us to live to give and to serve. Those who have attempted this way of life have shared the incredible joy and amazing provisions that come with it.

How would my life look different today, or even in the next 15 minutes, if I was to live for significance (to make a difference for others) instead of living to survive or to succeed (a primarily self-centered existence)?

Fundamentally, survival and success are about me and about giving. Significance is about others and about giving.