Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas On December 13th

About now is when things really get sped up for Christmas. Last minute shopping, cards to mail, events to attend, parties to plan, family traditions to maintain. Go for it. Do it all (or lots of it, anyway). But remember to look for little notices that God is trying to get your attention. Pausing for God-moments is one of the keys to making Christmas meaningful. Pause to hear the quiet voice of God in the rush; there is something special about this time of year that make our senstivities seem hightened when it comes to spiritual things. Take advantage of it.
The wise men found Him because they were looking and willing to follow the star. The religous leaders and political leaders and the innkeeper all missed out, they were too caught up with their busyness and their own agendas to recognize God in their midst.

Start Christmas today...and don't end it...ever. God is in your midst.