Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wisdom On Wisdom

Here are a few traits of wisdom.

1. Wisdom loves wisdom. One of the chief characteristics of wisdom is that it listens to and applies new wisdom. Wise people hunger for learning, for positive change and growth. Foolish people love foolishness. They do not listen to wisdom and they do not apply it even when they learn it. Wise people are humble enough to know how little they know. Foolish people think they are smart and have little or nothing to learn.

2. Wisdom loves discipline. Wisdom realizes the principle of sowing and reaping works for you. Wise people love to work and pay the price now in order to play and receive the reward later. Wisdom knows the joy of hard work and the satisfaction of a job well done. This is not some sadistic love of pain, it is a genuine realization that work, sacrifice, and determination now will pay off big time in the future.

3. Wisdom loves vision. Vision is a picture of a preferred future that produces motivation. Wisdom knows that life is more than this moment right now. Wisdom looks down the path to see the results of today's decisions and actions. Fools don't bother to think about or care about the consequences of their choices and actions. Wise people ask, "What path am I on?" "What path will this choice or action lead me down?" "Where will this take me?"

Oh the pain I could have avoided in my life had I listened to wisdom! Think about that in your own life!
Then look around. How much pain and suffering are people enduring right now in our world simply because they do not listen to wisdom? Oh to listen to wisdom on the front side of the equation!