Friday, September 3, 2010

The Books of August

10 Books in August...

Love and Respect - Dr. Emerson Eggerichs
 - This is a classic. An excellent understanding of the reason most marriages break down and what can be done to make them thrive. I wish every married person could read this book. Unfortunately it is not written in a way that makes it accessible to the average person. It is long and cumbersome. It would be great if they came out with a minibook.
Dream Thieves - Rick Renner
 - Actually a really neat book. Well done and helpful in understanding how God calls us and how to pursue our God-given dreams.
When Heaven Comes Down - Che Ahn
 - Lots of hunger for God. Not sure about the way He is pursued here, but I long to have the same passion for and hunger for Jesus.
Whispers - Bill Hybels
 - A few chapters of this book were some of the best chapters of any book I have ever read. A few chapters I thought were not needed. I would recommend reading everything this guy writes.
Self-Development 101 - John Maxwell
 - Way better than I expected. This may end up being a book club book at some point.
Enough - Adam Hamilton
 - A very well done and short (I love short books :-)) look at finances and being a godly steward.
The Land Between - Jeff Manion
 - Very powerful stuff here!!! Wow. Spoke to me a lot and I think would speak to most people. I plan to do a series on this at our church.
The Language of God - Francis Collins
 - This guy is a hundred times smarter than 100 of the rest of us put together. Really, really, informative. Neat that he is a Christian and a top scientist in the world today. I didn't agree with all his conclusions but thought he presented them fairly and well... being that he is smarter than me...I will just read and keep quiet...mostly.
Quiet Strength - Tony Dungy
 - A very powerful book by a man of integrity. I would love to emulate this man. Stories are powerful and when they come from the life of a man like this, they are worth more than gold.
Going Missional - Stiller and Metzger
 - Neat to see what God is doing in and through the church in Canada. Definitely worth reading if you have a heart for Canadian churches. I so long to be a missional Christian and to have a missional church! We are the missionaries...this is our mission field!