Friday, October 1, 2010

The Books of September

Here are the wonderful books of September:

Outlive your life - Max Lucado   
This guy is an incredibly creative communicator. He comes up with some of the best ways to communicate something I have ever seen. Makes me want to quit communicating and just read his stuff to people.  A wonderful book on living to give and serve others.

Understanding Jesus - Joe Amaril
This book attempts to understand Jesus by understadning his cultural and historical context. Tough to know how much of our understanding of a historic culture is accurate but definitely insightful and helpful.                                                                                                    
The wealthy barber - David Chilton      
This is a classic book on money and money management. It had a huge impact on my thinking as a young man and thought I would read it again as I encouraged my son and others to read it. Some of the concepts are outdated but I still think it's one of the best on money that a person can read...and it's Canadian.
The mind field - Tom Tavares 
A tough read for me. Business consultant Tom Traveres suggests that tension, anxiety, stress etc. in the organization create inefficiencies and inability to function. He makes some helpful suggestions to free ourselves from the fog and create ownership throughout the organization to that we all invest in ways that truly add value.
Polarity Management - Barry Johnson
This is a brilliant and absolutely amazing concept. It is the one of the best and most impacting leadership books I have read in a long time. I plan to re-read and re-think and discuss and teach this stuff so that I can get it more! Some of the greatest blunders in the church over the years have been due to a lack of knowledge and application in this area. I am so thankful for this book!
Mentoring 101 - John Maxwell
A very well developed and simple book to understand the essence of mentoring.
The Path - Andy Stanley
This guy is so smart! We break the principle of the path to our own peril. We follow it and find life and blessing. So simple, so obvious, so often ignored.

Frommers Hawaii
Fodor’s Hawaii,                                                                                                                                  
The Unofficial Guide to Hawaii
Yes, I really did read 3 books on Hawaii and skimmed several more. Sad I know. But happy I will be in just a few days.

The Church of Irresistible Influence - Dr. Robert Lewis                                                            
What a great challenge for the church to rise up and make a difference in our cities! I know this can work, I have seen it work and we are just starting to see it work here in Moose Jaw. It is the real application of taking the kingdom of God into an area. It is done by love, sacrifice and service. When a team of people work together to be a blessing and God works with them...they are unstoppable, God does awesome things, lives are changed, society is transformed. How cool is that?