Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It Doesn't Take Very Much

I talked to a super nice guy today, very good at what he does, very professional at his job but also just a super guy. It made my day! Actually, cheered me up and pumped me up a ton. I chatted with another great guy just a minute ago. Same effect.

Now I could also think of several conversations this week that yanked the life out of me. And dozens of conversations that didn't do anything either way.

I guess what strikes me is the potential good or ill that can happen from any encounter or conversation. I know I have been both an energizer and a depressor. My prayer is that God uses me as an energizer to all those who God places in my path.

How can I be a person who is an energizer?
1. Be energized myself. Am I full of life, optimism, hope? I can't always be completely up. I don't want superficial joy. But I do want to be strong enough most of the time to put strength into those I encounter.

2. Be generous. Without exception, the people who energize me are givers. They want to bless, they want to help, they want to serve. The people I have met who are the most successful at any endeavor are those who are out to help others. Not without wisdom, not outside of their gifts, not in a way that drains them so that they can't give anymore. But nonetheless, in their hearts, they want to be a blessing. They are thinking of others first.

3. Get over myself. When I am thinking of myself. My reputation, my pride, my shame, my ...whatever, it is hard for me to really energize anyone else.

4. Have something of value to offer. I am always wondering how I am adding value, in every conversation, even the most mundane ones. What am I bringing to the table, how can I bring more?

5. Relax. Sometimes just worrying and being tense and stressing out keeps me from living in this moment and being a blessing.

6. Lots and lots of other things.

7. The Holy Spirit is ultimately the best energizer. Being full of Him and letting Him flow through us is a good idea.