Sunday, March 27, 2011

What Makes You Feel Weak?

Okay, maybe you knew this was coming by looking at the last blog. I think we are somewhat ore aware in this area than in the area of our strengths. The question here is what activities when you are doing them DRAIN you? When you have done it, you feel tired, disengaged, bored and weak.

Reflect on your life over the next few days and watch for these. Many of them you will recognize right away but you might be surprised by a few of them. The real problem here is that most of us feel trapped by these. We do them because we see no way out of doing them. I know in my own life, it's not until I experience burnout that I really get motivated about getting rid of these things. I tend to say, "Well, I can't NOT do them so I guess I will have to just "buck up" and get it done." But at some point I get to the place where I start to realize if I keep on going in this direction I will end up miserable, drained, dead inside and maybe worse. As John Maxwell says, "People change when they...hurt enough they have to."