Sunday, September 18, 2011

Leaders Call People to Decisions

It's not enough to inspire people, to encourage them, to pump them up or to rally them. At some point leaders need to challenge people to take action. There must be a gauntlet thrown down. There must be a moment of decision that is brought to us. "Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve." - Joshua

If we are leading a team to serve the poor, to minister effectively to children, to raise funds, to reach our friends for Christ or any other cause there is some point at which our leadership will need to call people to decision. When is the last time you were brought to a place of actual decision for action. "Who is with me? Then let's go                          "

One more thing. The challenge doesn't have to be mean or high pressure or manipulative or forced or intimidating. Sometimes leaders think that they need to get mad while making the challenge, or that they have to push people, pressure them and coerce them into action. Sometimes leaders think that without a high pressure, almost angry challenge that somehow they are compromising. But true leadership knows that there are winsome ways to challenge as well (without being too slick or gimmicky). Jesus was constantly challenging people, sometimes gently, sometimes angrily, sometimes high staked challenges and sometimes small things. But Jesus rarely left anything on the table.

I like leaders who challenge me appropriately. I want to be a leader like that. I want to follow a Leader like that.