Monday, September 19, 2011

Leadership Pain

Leaders deal with all kinds of people. Wonderful people, giving people, encouraging people...and some other not so nice people. Maybe it's because leaders attract more attention than the average person and so difficult people gravitate to that. Maybe it's increased levels of spiritual warfare for leaders. Maybe it's because leaders are often in the fray of activity that they find these difficult people and situations. It';s amazing how one hurtful person can ruin a day or week (or month...year etc.). It's amazing how spiteful, cruel, stupid and insensitive people can be. But an even more amazing thing is to watch a great leader, a mature and loving person, deal well with hurt. It's a beautiful sight and worth seeing. It reminds me of the One Truly Great Leader whose example we follow.

Let's be those who rise above, forgive, love, pray, extend grace, correct, speak truth and act like our Leader even in the face of people who are misusing or mistreating us.