Monday, October 17, 2011

What's At My Desk?

What sits at my desk every day to remind me of what I should be doing?

A Bible.
A coffee cup.
Three pieces of paper up on the board in front of me that say,

1. "Your only job is to help your players play better." Tony Dungy
(A quote I put up to remind me that I am a coach who facilitates work, my job is not to do the work, but to make sure the work gets done. Am I leading in such a way that I am helping all those I lead be better?)

2. (This paper I made after meeting with a mentor and asking for advice - I wrote down his advice in 3 sets of questions)
Am I energizing the people around me? Do they feel the vision? Are they engaged in the story?
Am I clear on our "here" and our "there"? Do I have the commitment of our people to our "there"?
Where are we innovating? Stimulating progress, eye on the horizon, R & D, creativity

3. "I vow to give You all the credit and glory" signed, Sept. 26, 2010
(This paper I made after I had spent some time in prayer one Sunday morning before the service. I keep it on the wall in front of me to remind me of the commitment I made.)