Friday, November 23, 2012

Finding True Freedom

S- Psalm 116:16 “O Lord, I am Your servant, born into Your household; You have freed me from my chains.”

O - It seems the deeper I am enslaved to Him the freer He makes me.

A - I must resist the lie of the flesh, the world and the devil that I will be freer if I do whatever I please. I must surrender my life to do whatever, whenever, however He asks me – to be His slave. As I do, I find the freedom of being and doing exactly what I was made for. The freedom of a life-giving purpose. The freedom of a loving relationship. The freedom from the tyranny of addiction, emptiness, sin, empty pursuits – oh the joy of those who have these chains removed. How deceptive are the calls to false freedom. How I need the voice of reason, the voice of my loving God!

P - “Lord, please open my eyes to see your Love for me and your heart for my good. Please soften my heart to your call to trust and full surrender. Please grant me the will to obey and follow and enslave myself entirely to You alone. Please free me from the chains of my old man and enable me to live dead to him and alive to you today. I am yours!!"

One of the most simple, powerful and practical tools I have ever used for getting into the Bible is what I call SOAP'ing. it was introduced to me through Pastor Wayne Cordiero and is well described in his excellent book, "The Divine Mentor". The principle is to read the Bible everyday asking God to speak to you. Choose a verse (or verses) that God seems to highlight during your reading and SOAP it.
S - write out the scripture.
O- write down observations about it.
A - Write out applications for yourself
P - Write out a prayer