Friday, March 8, 2013

Singing Great People's Praises

There are so many great people in the world that don't get their praises sung enough.

I recently saw a young man post on his facebook account that we should all to our best to reach our friends for Christ and make a difference in their lives. One of the responses really got my attention. Basically the response said my friend should quit trying to change the world on facebook and start just doing good things. That he should be kind and help people rather than "share Christ" with them. The crazy thing is that the guy being criticized is one of the best people in the world at living out his faith in a way that is generous, kind and loving to all kinds of people. He is the kind of guy who lives life as a shining example of love and good deeds. It seems to me like a few bad apples get the focus and that the many amazing people in our world don't get their praises sung enough! Let's do what the Bible says and rather than criticising each other, let's find ways to build each other up. To honour each other. To share what a difference people have made in our lives and in others lives. I for one am very thankful for Gil Goutier, Stan Helima, George and Hazel Hill, Dave Meyers, Paul Magnus, James Holmedal, Richard Funk, Ben Donaldson, Shane Landstrom and dozens of other great guys. I know everyone of those people have taken criticisms before (and some of those criticisms likely deserved :)). But I also know that the positive difference they are making with their lives is far outweighing the negative and I want my word of encouragement and honour to show it.