Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Books of April

Here were the books of April; very challenging. Many of them were recommended to me by others for various reasons. Sometimes good to get me reading things I wouldn't normally read.

Blood in the Sand – Benny Hinn
The history side of this book (which made up most of the book) was very interesting. Definitely had a lot of historical information that I did not know and I found it helpful for understanding more of the Middle East.

Colossians and Philemon – Kent Hughes
I love Hughes' commentaries....definitely my favourite (other than John Stott). Colossians' focus on the centrality and supremacy of Christ is so cool. Probably my favourite book of the Bible.

William and Catherine Booth – Helen Hosier
Wow, these two were tireless and passionate. So inspiring to read biographies! The Salvation Army has some very cool history! Love it.

Colossians – Lloyd John Ogilvie
A great pastor writes about God's Word.

Leading Beyond the Walls – Adam Hamilton
This is one of the top 10 books on how churches should work that I have ever read. Aside from needing to be a total workaholic to be a pastor like this guy, I would like to implement a lot of what I learned.

Leading on Empty - Wayne Cordeiro
This is one of my favourite church leaders today. His "Life Journal" radically changed my life. This book is a classic in its field and will help thousands of church leaders. Depression and burnout is so incredibly common in church leaders; this book shows why and how to change that.

Getting Things Done - David Allen
I am still processing this book. I think it might become a "life-changing book" for me. I went and bought the sequel, "Making It All Work", today and am 100 pages in...it’s awesome. If I can ever actually make serious use of this stuff it will be very good for me.

How The Mighty Fall - Jim Collins
So fun to read Jim Collins. Made me think about something new..."Hubris"

The Resilient Life - Gordon MacDonald
This book challenged me and messed with me. Made me long to be more holy. Made me see so many areas I need to work on. Like having surgery, definitely good for me, but painful.

Finishing Well - Bob Buford
Very inspiring. Like reading the mini-biography of 60 people today who are worth learning from. I love Bob Buford. I feel like God may be calling me to do ministry similar to his. His book, "Halftime", changed my life when I was in my early twenties. I would recommend it for everyone in business or who finds themselves remotely successful in life.