Monday, February 28, 2011

How did your marriage become successful?

How did your marriage become successful?

For me personally, my marriage is WAY better than I ever dreamed possible. Way way way better than I could have asked or thought. I am blown away most days of my life with this reality.

That being said, we have persevered through many times where we wanted to give up. We have had days where the pain was so deep we thought we would die of broken hearts. Where we thought we had made a terrible mistake.

1. Perseverance.
2. Hard work and intentionality.
3. Really...she is just amazing. If it was me, our marriage would stink. She rocks! Thank you God.

Hmm...not sure how helpful that answer is but... maybe some others have some thoughts on that. My wife would likely say,

1. God
2. God
3. God