Sunday, May 6, 2012

What's At Stake?

One question worth asking a lot is this one; "What's at stake?"
The reason this is so important is that we often forget and lose perspective on what is at stake.
Without this question we get stuck in ruts, doing what we do because of tradition.
Without this question we neglect the important for the urgent.
Try it out...
For this family meal, "What's at stake?" (My kids future, my marriage, the peace and joy in our home, much much more)
For this phone call.
For this meeting.
For this decision.
For this church service.
For this connection with a child. This conversation. This act of service.
Sometimes we agonize over choosing a paint colour (what's at stake?) and hardly even notice the person we are working with on it (what's at stake?).
Hopefully asking that question puts things into perspective and helps us give appropriate attention to the things that are valuable.
When your tempted to do something stupid for a short term high...what's at stake?
When arguing with your teenager about mowing the lawn...what's at stake? (the lawn, your reputation amongst your neighbours, your ego...oh yeah, and the heart of your teen and your relationship with him/her....hmmm).