Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Richer than you think!

There are two ways to have enough. The first is to get more, the second is to be satisfied with what you have. But who ever said having enough was enough? I don’t think I am wired to have enough. I have always wanted more than enough. I have always wanted to be rich. I think everyone wants to be rich. Here is where we get confused. We think being rich is about having lots of money in our bank account. What about having a great marriage, kids that I love, friends that I trust, a job that I enjoy, a sunrise that thrills my heart and takes away my breath? When you realize what true riches are, you discover that you are richer than you thought. The greatest riches of all is to know God and have His righteousness as my own.

The real lesson of contentment is not found in learning how to have enough. It is found in learning how rich you already are!