Tuesday, August 4, 2009


When faith and life meet there is a powerful convergence of two streams. Faith on its own has a certain power to it. It inspires me and calls me to a higher life. It opens my eyes to realities I may not otherwise be able to see. But it’s power becomes usable when it comes into contact with real life. When faith actually effects my work, marriage, moods and minute choices it becomes fuel that not only makes a big explosion but actually turns the turbine of an engine.

Is a fire powerful? Yes, but not necessarily useful. Its usefulness is determined by what the fire is applied to. It is powerful and useful if it is heating my home or flying me to my chosen destination in an airplane. When the fire of our faith converges with the practical realities of our life it becomes a useful fuel. Why not try out living what you believe and see what happens? If you like the results, try doing it more and more often. What would happen if we always lived what we believed? Convergence.