Monday, February 8, 2010

Books of December

Books read in December

Captured by Grace – David Jeremiah
This guy is awesome. Love his stuff. Great book. Great pastor.

Can God - ? – J. Edwin Orr
Neat to have our faith lifted sometimes!

The Threefold Bond – Reginald Kirby
Wow, powerful stuff from a generation past. Sometimes going back a few years frees us from the curse of the shallowness of our age.

If you will ask – Oswald Chambers
Very helpful material on prayer.

Fasting for Breakthrough and Revival – Drs. George and Hazel Hill
Some of my favourite people in the entire world. These two have invested in my life and I am grateful for them.

The Transforming Friendship – Leslie Weatherhead
The best book I read in the last several years. THAT GOOD! Now on my top 5 books ever read!

Remember the reason - Various
Good Christmas stuff.

Masterleaders – George Barna
Great leadership material. Had to wade through the books format to get the material out. I would have preferred a more boring, straightforward style for this one.

Fearless – Max Lucado
WOW, this guy can write better than almost anyone I know. Makes me want to quit writing and preaching and just read Max's stuff aloud to people. He is a wordsmith extraordinaire. Some pretty decent material in all those fancy words too.