Sunday, September 26, 2010


I am hungry. Not for food. Actually my body is fighting some sickness and I have lost my appetite for food for the time being. Rest assured, if I recover from this cold/sore throat, the physical hunger will return.

But I am hungry nonetheless. I am hungry for great ideas. I am hungry to learn and grow. I am hungry to keep my heart soft and spirit soaring. I am hungry for the presence of God and the face of Christ. I am hungry for rich and deep relationships and true friends. I am hungry for life and more and more life.

I am hungry to see tangible results in my life of God's work in me. I am hungry to see God show Himself strong on behalf of those who are suffering. I am hungry to see people find and know and love Jesus and to be blown away by His love and forgiveness. I am hungry to see people smile because of Jesus inside rather than because of circumstances outside.

And because I am hungry, I am available. Wanting to learn and grow. Wanting to be all that God wants me to be. Wanting to press on and be all I can be in Christ.

But I am broken. I am weak and weary. I am needy. How can I be used with all this? Only if it's God.
My job: Surrender. Take risks. Be available. Believe. Hunger. I am hungry.